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Hey there! I’m Gennysser and I LOVE Making Healthy Drinks🙂

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I’m so happy you found your way here to Gennysser.com. Here, you can find how to make healthy raw vegan drinks. And how you can get the most benefits out of the natural ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Through these amazing living foods in these recipes, you will feel more energetic every day and will have that mental clarity that we all long for.

I have been a raw vegan and a recipe developer for over 13 years. It all started because I wanted to shed some extra pounds off and I think we all can relate to that. Soon after, I started noticing how raw foods were affecting my mood. I was feeling more energetic and with an amazing mental clarity. And I even started looking younger over time! Was my clock going backwards? I was confused😳and that led me to start researching more about raw living foods and this lifestyle.

Because of my own experience, I started educating myself on how I related to foods. I realized how this lifestyle changed my life (And I mean literally a 360 degree change in my body and mind🙂), through just eating living foods. And OMG I didn’t even look my age. I noticed I had stopped aging and looking younger, and that was a huge surprise for me. I felt I needed to share this wisdom I had learned with everyone around me, and so I started developing recipes for me and my family and today I’m sharing my recipes with you.

Through my recipes I have helped many people that I have encountered throughout all these years. I have been educating and sharing my recipes starting from my closest friends, large groups in my community, social media and Gennysser.com. I have dedicated my life to raising awareness about the benefits of a raw vegan food lifestyle and how our food influences how we feel, physically and emotionally. I wanted to share what has helped me and my family with the world! And I’m glad you’re here!

If you’re just starting this journey I recommend you to start with my recipe Green Juice in a Blender because this recipe is an easy startup for those who are just jumping into this healthy lifestyle and I even give you a few tips on how to strain your juice without spending any money. You don’t need to buy any equipment at all, so just go to your closest farmers market or grocery store and get the ingredients and START TODAY. You will not regret it, believe me!

Green Juice in a Blender
Green Juice in a Blender

I truly thank you for stopping by! Feel free to contact me here.